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TIBCO Mashery Connectors

Why Connectors

Connectors are TIBCO Cloud Mashery's integration features that have been developed and provided ready to use for Cloud customers. Connectors not only provide connectivity to the external systems but also allow you to change the behavior of the API at runtime through configuration without writing any code. A Connector's policies can be applied for pre-processing of user client request as well as for post processing on backend response to change API behavior. Connectors have been carefully envisioned to address common and evolving business use-cases for customers. Connectors power compelling features such as HTTP header manipulation, authentication & security (also using third-party IDP), filtering & routing, caching & validation as well as content transformation.

Connectors can provide the following benefits:
  • It complements TIBCO Cloud Mashery product core functionality and fills gap for commonly-sought functionality that are not yet available out-of-box.
  • It can be used across multiple TIBCO Cloud Mashery customers who need similar functionality.
  • Further enhances TIBCO Mashery's competitive edge and relevancy to the customers/markets' continuously-evolving business needs.

Contact the TIBCO Mashery Customer Success team if you are interested to know more whether TIBCO Mashery Connectors meets your business needs and how to get it.

Mashery-built Connector vs Adapter

The following table explains the differences between Mashery-built connectors and Mashery-built adapters.
Connector Adapter
Mashery-built features for TIBCO Cloud Mashery Mashery built for both TIBCO Cloud Mashery and Mashery Local
Strategic integration feature generally available out of the box for any TIBCO Cloud Mashery customer. Custom in nature and tailored to fit a particular customer specific need.
Available without additional cost to TIBCO Cloud Mashery customers. Customer may incur fee for engineering and development work done by Mashery.
Note: Mashery Local customers can use the SDK to build their own adapters.
Can be ported to a Mashery Local customer upon request in Mashery Local 4.X. Generally bundled and available for download from TIBCO centralized repository for Mashery Local 5.X.X customers. Needs to be engineered and developed for Mashery Local customer.